Every book you’ll ever read in your life – in your pocket!

Some more on my continuing love affair with my cellphone as a reading device…

The phone has a MicroSD memory card slot. I couldn’t believe the size of the plastic dummy card that came in it. You could probably fit two of them on my thumbnail, and it’s not much thicker than a fingernail – about 1mm or less.

I went into the local Verizon store. They had cards in various sizes, from 1Gb at $29.99 to 8Gb at $129.99.

I decided to go the whole hog and buy the 8Gb card. It’s unbelievable. And no muss, no fuss – you just plug the card into the slot, the phone recognizes it’s there, and you’re good to go.

Books in Microsoft Reader format tend to be from 200k to 400K in size, depending on whether the book contains photos or illustrations.

Some quick work with a calculator reveals that at 400K per book, 8Gb lets you store 20,000 books.

If you started reading when you were five years old, and got up to 5 books a week by the time you were 10, you might exhaust your pocket library by the time you reached the age of 85 – and that’s all pretty unlikely. Of course if you did, you could just pull out the card and insert another one with the second half of your library on it 🙂

And of course the memory capacity of the cards will continue to increase. I can’t see cards getting much smaller – this one’s already starting to get finicky to handle, and would be the easiest thing in the world to lose if you took it out and set it down somewhere. A strong wind could blow it away…

I’m sure they’ll continue to hold more and more.

I recently bought an Amazon Kindle eBook to try. I’ve written more in detail about that experience in another posting. But I really much prefer my phone for its size, the one-handed operation, screen quality, convenience and backlight (so I can read in bed with the light off).

And with a capacity of 20,000 books or more , it’s my entire library in my pocket.


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