It’s Always There!

Yesterday I had to drive to a pharmacy about half an hour away to get a prescription refilled.
Because the pharmacy was open for only a few hours because it was Christmas, it was very busy and I was told I’d have to wait about an hour.

Normally that wouldn’t be much fun. But I had my new phone with me. First I called my wife and told her I’d be about an hour later than we’d planned and not to worry.

Then I headed across to a nearby Starbucks, got myself a cup of coffee, at down in a comfortable armchair and started reading.

Three-quarters of an hour later, I walked across to the pharmacy, got the prescription and headed home.

Point of the story? Because my phone is my eBook reader, it’s always there. And I can read anywhere, anytime.

“Always-there” more than makes up for the smaller screen.


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