Welcome to my new blog!

Blogging is supposed to be the future of journalism, writing and publishing.

Here’s how the theory goes:

  • Blogging and websites are the “new Gutenberg technology”, democratizing publishing in a way that’s never hitherto been possible.
  • The Web has already created a publishing explosion, which will continue to grow.
  • Anyone can become a publisher. All you have to do is create a blog and write content.
  • No-one will pay for it, so content must be free.
  • If bloggers’ content is good enough, they will build readership.
  • They can establish an income by signing up to have advertising streamed to their site.
  • They can also sign up to revenue-sharing schemes such as that run by Amazon (which offers 10% commission on referred sales).
  • Few commercial publishers will survive the transition.

So I’ve set up this new blog as an experiment to see how well the theory works in practice. I’ll keep you posted on progress.

In order to get things going, I’ve copied over all the relevant postings from my previous blog.

Welcome to the new blog!


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