Welcome to my new blog!

I’ve been blogging for a few months now, and wanted to try out an experiment.

If blogging is the future of journalism and publishing, then how can people earn a living from it?

The theory is that if your blog attracts readers, then advertisers will pay to show them relevant ads.

So I’ve set up this new blog, in which I signed up to have advertising streamed to it. Since I read so much, and books have played such a key role in my thinking (and my life), it also seemed to make sense to add a place to share my favorite books and a link to Amazon so you can buy them if you’re interested.

We’ll see exactly how this all turns out, and I’ll share my experiences with you.

In order to get things started, I’ve copied all the posts from my previous blog onto this one – which is why all the posts have the same date. I’m not that prolific a writer!




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