Spelling Bee

I’m not like those French academicians who believe language should never change, and want to ban “invasions from other languages” like Le Weekend. Where would the English language be without words like “curry”?

And even though I’m a Brit (well, Scottish), I can see no earthly use in spelling the word “color” as “colour”.

But misusage of words has no excuse – especially when the writers are supposed professional communicators like newspapermen and broadcasters.

So I’ve started a list on this blog I’m calling “Spelling Bee”, to highlight incorrect usage whenever I find it. Call me pompous or pedantic if you like, but you can take the man out of editing, you can’t take the editor out of the man.

Misuse of the apostrophe – as in the panel truck I see sometimes driving around Redmond advertising “New Bathroom’s Fitted” – remains a Capital Offense.


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