Word as a blogging tool

This is an experiment. Rather than mess about with the rudimentary text features in Blogger’s editor, I’m posting this by using Word’s blogging functionality. “This is a set of quotation marks,” he said, just to make sure that these traveled across. Be nice if Word could somehow carry font embedding across into Blogger – then I wouldn’t be stuck with the limited choices Blogger offers. This is
Arial Black. And this is Magneto.

So the fonts do travel – this is cool. But what happened to the quotation marks? I’m back to those dumb “Feet and Inches”. More investigation needed here.

Of course, Arial Black and Magneto fonts are on my system. I’d be interested to know if this still works for someone who doesn’t have them installed. That WOULD be cool!

But it doesn’t. My son just hit my blog from his laptop. He sees only the Arial Black (I guess he has that on his system) but not Magneto. On my cellphone I see neither.

And I just noticed that the Arial Black I used turned up as Arial Black Italics. Since Arial Black has no true italic, this means the system’s creating one of those horrible artificially-skewed versions of the regular font. Ugh!

Now Word has supported font embedding using Embedded OpenType (EOT) for a very long time (it was embedded TrueType back when it was first implemented). Internet Explorer has supported EOT since 1995 by using the code developed for Word. I used Word’s “Save as” options to make sure the fonts were embedded.

Earlier this year I drove a move to make EOT a Web standard by opening up what was until then a proprietary Microsoft embedding format into an open standard. It’s been submitted to the W3C.

Somewhere along the line, the embedding information is being stripped out. Either Word is stripping the embedded EOT font object out when it publishes a document as a Blog post, or it’s being lost somewhere along the line. But there’s no pointer to an embedded font object in HTML.

Be nice to get this fixed… Have to investigate to find our who’s doing (or not doing) what…


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