A "Basic Library" for the world?

If we can provide books in digital format, what about the idea of a “Basic Library Pack”, created under the auspices of some body like UNESCO, which would provide the basics for education free, and be translated into as many languages as possible?

It would provide anyone with access to a computer with access to basic knowledge.

I know it’s an idea that is fraught with issues. For instance: Whose version of history would you provide – colonial Britain’s, or Karl Marx’s? But aren’t there at least some subjects – math, physics, chemistry, native language, basic English and so on that would be non-controversial?

Could we take advantage of technology to disseminate basic knowledge? As the cost of systems comes down through initiatives like One Laptop Per Child etc, should we not be thinking how we can leverage the growing installed base?

Maybe someone’s already doing this – I don’t know. But I’d be interested to find out, and to read your comments and ideas…


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