Worth its weight in Gold?

One of the books I recommend that everyone who cares about text should read is Geoffrey Dowding’s “Finer Points in the Spacing and Arrangement of Type”. Dowding was a lecturer at the London School of Printing, and this little 85-page book is an “ocean in a teapot”.

You could always find it in a good bookstore. But if you want to read it, I suggest you hurry. It’s obviously gone out of print. Amazon has only second-hand copies available and the sellers want $81.23 a copy!

Its cover price was, I think, less than $15 when new. So I suggest you pop along to your local dead tree bookstore and see if you find a copy still lurking on a shelf somewhere…

I can understand paying $92 for a second-hand copy of Tinker and Paterson’s book, Legibility of Print. That’s been out of print for many decades. But I bought a second copy of “Finer points” new, just two or three years ago.


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