Put Up Your Hands, And Step Away From The Keyboard!

The Design Police are watching you…


I really like this site, it’s so much fun. There’s a set of five template pages you can download and send to the offender whenever you see a typographic crime being committed.

Just pick the relevant judgement from the templates, then cut and paste it into a mail.

Ah, Flaming By Numbers…

Not that I agree with everything the Design Police say, of course – especially the “Comic Sans Is Illegal” viewpoint.

You may not know this, but there’s a battle being fought on the Web between those who love Comic Sans and those who absolutely hate it. There are even “Comic Sans Must Die!” T-shirts for sale.

I don’t use Comic Sans myself – and I never inhaled – but I have something of a soft spot for it, since it was designed by Vincent (Vinnie) Connare, who worked for me in the Typography group at Microsoft. Indeed, its full name is Comic Sans MS, which might give you a clue.

OK, we made it. But don’t blame Microsoft if people abuse it. Fonts don’t kill people, people kill people. (Apologies to the NRA. Or not.)

Comic Sans is what its name says: a light-hearted font which works great in cartoons and animation, can add a tinge of humor to an email, etc. But it’s over-used, and you certainly wouldn’t want to use it to send a message of sympathy to a bereaved friend (unless her husband the cartoonist just died in some Marx-Brothers-like farcical accident. Even then you’d want to be careful).

If the Design Police graphic (sticker? paster?) had said “Inappropiate Comic Sans” I could buy into that.


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