Changing How You Comment, To Defeat Spam…

Over recent months, I’ve seen a big increase in the number of spam comments submitted to this blog by people selling everything from Viagra to cheap software. I’ve been catching them during comment monitoring – so you don’t see them.

However, it’s become a chore to keep weeding them out. So I’ve added a “word recognition” box to the comments page, which you’ll have to fill in before your comment appears in my email Inbox for moderation. That should prevent automated spammers from trying to post.

I apologize for having to add this extra step to your comment process, but it can’t be helped. Please keep those comments coming!


4 thoughts on “Changing How You Comment, To Defeat Spam…

  1. Howard Katz

    Hi Bill, I just wanted to see what a "word recognition box" was. Now I know!Nice blog. I've got a Blogger blog too, just never used it. It's interesting — slightly scary? — that Google already knows my identify for your "Choose an identity" option below. Eric knows all! :-)Ta,Howard

  2. Bill Hill

    @ Kashif:I'm not planning to get an iPad until the 3G version comes out later this month.I'll need to spend some time reading after that, before I'll give my judgement.I'll certainly write about it then.


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